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One of the great benefits of being a Family & Portrait photographer...

One of the things that I really enjoy tremendously about my work as a private, personal photographer is when creating custom portraits for families is that my work becomes a focal point and centerpiece in their homes.  

It's as if the homes of my clients became a private art gallery.

Recently, I had a session amidst the wildflowers of San Juan Capistrano and photographing two young sisters — one age 9 years old and another just a few days old!  

It was a great session and we were able to get some fantastic portraits of both the girls outside on location late in the day when the lighting for a portrait was optimum.

Tessa, the older sibling, has been a subject of mine in previous years.  So it makes it extra special to have watched her grow up in front of the camera.  The earlier portraits of Tessa as a toddler and the family are displayed in their home even now all those years later.

And now with a new baby sister there’s the opportunity to do that for Helena.

Here is a gallery of images that we created for Alan and Cynthia at their OC home. 

Folio Box Portrait Grid_Orange County Photographer

(These are our Folio Box Collection 7 x 10 portraits and the mats were upgraded to 14" x 14" size to allow for a six square portrait grid for their home.)


"Hi Paul,
The photos look beautiful, especially on our living room wall.  Thanks so much!