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The Photo World Lost a Gem this Past Weekend

On this summer Monday morning safely back in SoCal after a whirlwind Rte. 66 trip, I had originally planned to write more about the journey.


But something happened this past weekend that made me profoundly sad and I wanted to share about this person.


You see on Saturday Bill Cunningham the famous New York Times Street Fashion Photographer passed away at age 87.  He recently suffered a stroke which led to his passing.


If you’re not familiar yet with Bill, I encourage you to first read the NY Times obituary here:


To view the slideshow about Bill, please go to this link:


To really get a feel for Bill and his passion for his work, you simply must view the documentary about him that came out in 2010.  


Seeing that movie with my wife Nicki was my birthday present in 2011 when it was available in very limited release.  I simply loved it then and will watch it again to remember Bill (I never met him personally but did see him when I used to work in NY back in the day).


If you happen to be an amazon Prime member, you can watch it on streaming there by going here:


It’s available to rent on Netflix in DVD form though not available on streaming currently.


What made Bill so special was his love for photographing a subject he loved — street fashion.  He was as giddy as a four year old at Christmas when he was working.  And he WORKED.  Man, did he work.  His energy and his enthusiasm for a man in his 80s is nothing short of inspirational.  


I loved that he loved photography and capturing life in the moment.


He was a gentle man, a learned man and despite covering the world of fashion, Bill was himself not a fashionista though he had his own inimitable style of clothing.


Bill’s work made it possible for photographers such as Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist.  Scott’s success and other photographers doing street fashion (or even street portraits) has a lineage toBill Cunningham.


R.I.P. Bill Cunningham. You and your gifts to the world will be missed.