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Regan's Recent In-Studio Portrait Session

Photographing Regan, a Mom of two gorgeous pre-teen kids, was a treat.


Not only because Regan is a lovely woman but also because of her upbeat and positive personality.  She is one of those kinds of people that you just love to be around because she’s got an easy smile and a warm laugh.  


This session was extra special because while we were shooting, we were being interviewed and videotaped by none other than Sue Bryce and her crew for an upcoming broadcast on her educational site.  Sue is the patron saint of the modern glamour photography movement throughout the world and we have been following her for years.  To say that it was an extra special treat for us to be profiled is a huge understatement.  


So for this extra special event, we needed the perfect person for this particular shoot and Regan was the first person that came to our minds.


She is married to Matt, the head coach of the Tesoro Titans Varsity FB team so she was used to being in the limelight. 


And she knocked it out of the park.  


Look at these portraits from her session!

But the best thing is what Regan said after viewing her photographs and it drives home the reason we do this and the reason we believe in this and why you should have this session done:


"Thank you so much for such an amazing portrait experience.  To be honest, I would have never considered spoiling myself this way... as a wife and working mother of two kids, I barely have time to take a bath.  Haha!  And, I really am not one who enjoys spending time being pampered... 45 minutes getting my nails done is excruciating, which is why I never do it!


That being said, when I was approached by you to give this a shot, I thought, "Why not?  This is something I would normally never do."  I considered it as pushing myself a little bit out of my comfort zone.  I started getting more excited than I thought when thinking about the outfits I would wear and putting them together.  I got together with my sister so she could help "style" me in preparation.  On the morning of the shoot I was a little nervous, but was quickly put at ease when I showed up to your studio.  Your makeup artist was perfect.  She was personable and professional.  My nerves of looking like someone other than myself, were quieted as she just made me look like a better version of myself.  She could tell I was getting a little anxious as the shoot was getting ready to start, so she offered me a much needed glass of champagne - I loved that!!  The shoot started, and it was like nothing I would have ever imagined.  It was like I was transported to another place... on a magazine shoot, and surprisingly I started to love it!  I felt so comfortable and it was so much fun!  You and your wife are such an amazing team, and your experience came through in every detail of the shoot.  When the shoot was over, I was nervous again... What was I going to look like?  Would I be happy with what I saw?  Would I look like myself?  


The time came for my portrait reveal... the nerves, they came back!  Ugh!  My husband and I walked in to see them all and I was immediately overcome with emotion.  I started to cry!  I was in shock.  How could I look like this and still look so much like myself?  It was like nothing I had ever felt.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could feel so beautiful.  You have such a gift!  This was definitely an experience I will never forgot, and something I wish ever woman could experience.  It wasn't on my bucket list before, but I added it after, so that I could check it off... it was that good!  Every woman should treat herself to such a gift. xoxo"


Thank you Regan for being such an amazing person and subject!!