New Think Tank Streetwalker Pro Roller and Turnstyle v2 Sling Bags

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released a new rolling backpack as part of its classic StreetWalker series, as well as upgraded all three of the backpacks in that series. 

Now with the StreetWalker V2.0 series, you get new features such as increased depth for modern DSLR systems, and dedicated pockets for both tablets and smartphones. 

The new rolling backpack’s harness system allows you to roll the bag or carry it on your back in comfort.

The new Think Tank Streetwalker Pro Roller

The new Think Tank Streetwalker Pro Roller

This is the perfect bag for when you need both wheels and a backpack -- which happens often in my world (for example, at the airport, I love rollers, but for an outdoor, beach wedding, having a backpack is really nice).

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In addition, they’ve upgraded their popular TurnStyle sling bags. 

Ideal grab-and-go bag for a casual day of shooting with a DSLR or Mirrorless system and lenses, wear a body-conforming TurnStyle bag as either a sling bag or beltpack to move and shoot freely.

The new Think Tank Turnstyle v2 Sling Bag.

The new Think Tank Turnstyle v2 Sling Bag.

The new Turnstyles feature a tuck-away stabilizer strap and are available in two new colors: Charcoal and Blue Indigo. 

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