Video Project: Austin Brotman's SCI Scholars Charity


I wanted to share with you a recent project — a video project —  that I did for a long-time portrait client.  I have been photographing their family for years and in June of 2015 the family experienced a horrific accident.

While on a Florida vacation, their oldest son Austin broke his neck in a diving accident and he became paralyzed from the neck down.

Now, almost two years since the accident and Austin is living his life and is an inspiration for so many. Recently he earned a PERFECT score (36 out of 36) on the ACT test!!  One tenth of 1% of the students (2 million students take it annually) taking that test ace it.  

Even while he was in the first two months of his recovery, Austin was also in the midst of taking five AP courses over that summer.  

This video was created to help them raise money for Austin’s rehabilitation hospital in Denver, CO.  He saw a need for high school students with Spinal Cord Injuries to get technology like computers, etc. to help keep them in school.  It’s a very worthy charity and I am extremely proud to create this video for them and help.  If you would like to support Austin’s efforts, please go here: