New Think Tank Emergency Rain Covers for your Camera Gear

Emergency-Rain-Cover lowres.jpg

Now that we will be moving to the land where it does rain, these new emergency rain covers could not have come at a more perfect time!!!

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have released two new concepts in camera gear protection. The Emergency Rain Covers, that come in two sizes, are small, lightweight, fast-deploying protective covers you can have on hand when weather conditions change swiftly and you need to protect your bodies and lenses. 

The Lens Case Duos are protective lens sleeves that can be used both when transporting your lenses in transit and while shooting. They are available in a range of sizes to fit most DSLR and Mirrorless lenses. Don’t forget that when you use these special URLs you will receive free gear and free shipping on all orders over $50.…/emergency-rain-cover-mediu……/lens-case-duo-series…