What's in My Bag for a Real Estate Shoot with both Stills and Video?

Tomorrow morning I will have a combined stills and video shoot for a local Lake Mills realtor.

I wanted to share in the video the tools that I will be using on this project. Since it is both stills and video it changes the dynamic a bit in terms of how I consider lighting it.

If the shoot were stills only, I would most likely be using a strobe set up (Godox AD200 and the Godox ad400 Pro).

But video doesn’t work with strobe (flash) so I have to go with LED. So which one to use?

I will be using the small and yet powerful PRL Lighting Lustra L50 unit. The beauty of this unit is that it is powered by the ubiquitous Sony NPF battery and also a small and lightweight AC adaptor (like the size one uses with a laptop.). There are other LED lights on the market with more power but those tend to demand a bigger footprint and a much larger (and heavier) power supply.

Since I am going to do this one on my own, I need to be as light and as mobile as possible because it’s a rather tight window to do both stills and video within the time allotted.

For cameras, I will bring:

The Sony a9 and a7RIII (the a9 for stills; the a7RIII on the gimbal)

The gimball is the Gudsen Moza Air 2, a superb and relatively lightweight gimbal that allows me to work with my preferred lenses for this.

The lenses will primarily be: the Sony 16-35mm f2.8 G Master and the 12-24 f4 G OSS lens. Both are superb and I will probably use the 16-35 on the gimbal camera (the reason being is that it has an 82mm filter thread which I can use to place a Sirui Variable ND filter if necessary).

For support I will be using several Sirui carbon fiber tripods. Lightstands are the small and quick to deploy Cheetahstand C8 which is grab and go easy. Perfect for a one person job like this.

My lights

I will carry the gear in Think Tank cases— the Airport Security for the main camera gear and then the Video Tripod Case for the lightstands. A small Retrospective shoulder bag will carry the overflow.

I did a quick scout of the location the other day and it is a stunning home on an amazing property outside of town. I want to showcase this lovely home in order to help the realtor sell quickly and for top dollar.

I will be posting images from tomorrow’s shoot BTS on my Instagram feed @paulgero

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments below especially re: the things I talk about near the end of the video. THANKS!