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Is This The World's Best Inexpensive Portable Lighting Modifier?

In this video I will be talking about the advantages of the Cheetahstand QBox 24 portable softbox which works well for location wedding and portrait photographers.

This light modifier is 24" Square and has a double layer of diffusion and comes with a honeycomb grid as well as a circular mask to attach to the front of the box. This modifier works with speedlights such as the Sony HVL-F60RM or the Godox V1 and the Godox AD200 and Godox AD200 Pro super speedlight.

To best use the AD200 Pro you need the Pro-S bracket which also works with speedlights. You may purchase this modifier from cheetahstand in the USA by going here:

The Pro S bracket is available at:

If you would like to use two AD200s or two AD200 Pros combined to create a 400 w/s strobe you may use the Godox AD-B2 from B & H