Paul & Nicki

A funny thing happened at a wedding in Hartford....

 photograph © Daniel Frazier Photography

 photograph © Daniel Frazier Photography

...I  met and fell in love with the wild and wacky maid of honor visiting from South Africa, and in the process found the "second chapter" of my photography career!

I'm Nicki's husband, the father of two amazing little ones (Kate & Sparky), and I have
been a professional photographer for the over 30 years!

  Nicki and I met in 2000 when she was the maid of honor in her friend's wedding and I was photographing the wedding for the groom, a friend of mine and a fellow photojournalist.

  Ten days later we were engaged, and a year later we were married, not letting 9 time zones and thousands of miles and a mound of immigration paperwork deter us. 

Our two kids came along in 2005 and 2009 and further reinforces my belief that family is the most important thing and weddings are the start of family. 

How perfect now that the two things I photograph now are family portraits and weddings!

It was after that wedding that I came to the realization that documenting this most special day in people's lives would be where my career would go.    For a journalist that was a surprising turn of events, but was anxious to explore this area of the business.

Since starting photography at age 12 doing a Scout merit badge in my hometown in Wisconsin, I absolutely love telling stories, capturing beauty and making heartfelt and emotional portraits
with my cameras .

I’ve spent my entire adult life doing that -- the "first chapter" for newspapers like The Arizona Republic and The Chicago Tribune and for magazines like Time, People, Fortune & Sports Illustrated and now for people just like you that commission me to tell their story as a trained photojournalist would by capturing moments and creating natural and beautiful portraits. 

Those thousands of assignments have taken me around the world, allowed me to photograph Presidents, royalty, sports superstars, rock stars, business leaders and regular folks.  

This background has given me the tools that allow me to make images that go beyond the ordinary and will have a lasting emotional impact on you and your family.

I consider myself incredibly privileged to be allowed to do this work and am honored to be chosen by my clients with these precious events and memories.

My approach is simple and rooted in the documentary tradition sprinkled with easy-going and natural portraits.  My clients allow me to be present to watch the day unfold with all the joy and emotion that it holds.  During our portraits, I want to make them timeless and fun using natural or created light and still leaving you plenty of time to be with your friends and family.

Your life, the story of your new life together and your children’s lives are worth remembering!

Life goes by entirely too quickly!

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story!


The slideshow (below) are some personal family photographs from years of documenting my own family.  I've been photographing the kids since before birth and that photographic essay continues on almost a daily basis.  I want to give my clients the type of imagery I create for my own family.    

I am proud and honored to be a Sony Artisan of Imagery, a program that evangelizes and teaches photographers about Sony mirrorless cameras by over 50 professional photographers from around the USA who use Sony cameras.


The slideshow (below) are some personal family photographs from years of documenting my own family (as well as photographs of us by others).  I've been photographing the kids since they were born and that photographic essay continues to this day.  I want to give my clients the type of imagery I create for my own family.

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