Think Tank's New Video Tripod Manager 44

Video Tripod Manager lowres.jpg

I love how this company keeps innovating and creating useful and unique products!

Think Tank Photo have just released the Video Tripod Manager 44. This well-cushioned, highly rigid rolling case holds cinema-sized tripods, stands, sliders, and/or modifiers up to 40” in height.

The rolling case features robust handles on four sides, so it’s easy to load into a vehicle. It is an ideal travel solution as its rectangular shape stacks easily, saving space. This roller’s crush-resistant ABS twinwall reinforcement provides impact protection. Shock-absorbing wheels roll smoothly and hold up under the toughest conditions.

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Think Tank's New Airport Advantage Plus

paul-gero-Airport Advantage Plus lowres.jpg

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released an expanded version of one of their most popular rolling camera bags.

By complying with carry-on size requirements, with the new Airport Advantage Plus roller you can keep your most valuable gear safe and near you when you fly. Plus, the roller’s ultra-lightweight design at 6.9 lbs. (3.1 kg) helps meet weight restrictions, yet features the same level of protection for which Think Tank is known.

Its dedicated laptop pocket fits up to a 17” laptop in a padded sleeve, a 10” tablet, or an Eagle Creek Medium Clothing Folder for overnight trips. By using my special link, you will receive free gear and free shipping not only when you order this new roller, but any Think Tank gear.

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Beautiful Skin AND A Beautiful Portrait? (Our November promotion is ON!)


Nicki & I are so excited with her new business that we thought it would be the the best idea to partner up with a very special promotion for our very special clients this holiday season.

As most of you probably know, Nicki is now an executive consultant with Rodan and Fields - number one in skin care in USA and Canada.

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Who wouldn’t absolutely LOVE that beautiful portrait of you, perhaps with your kids, or your mom, or your best friend - or even with your spouse? They will live on forever as a legacy of you at this time of your life. Be spoiled with a make-over by our fabulous hair and makeup artist, and have some fun in our studio, dressed in your finest.

Now for even more fun - book your session for the month of November and you will receive a complimentary Rodan and Fields regimen* with your purchase of our Middle Folio Collection.

Better yet, receive a complimentary Rodan and Fields regimen WITH the fan favorite, Lash Boost,** when you purchase ourLarge Folio Collection.

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Last Thursday Night's Open House -- THANK YOU!

GeroPhotographyOpen House Photo Collage.jpg

What an amazing night last Thursday night was!

Thank you to all the people that attended our first Open House to celebrate our new style of portrait photography (we call it Vanity Fair-style portraits) and we had such a blast.

Also a huge thank you to Niki Marshall -- Hair and Make Up -- with Beauty & The Beach,  Karen Clark and her Tiny Buddha Jewelry, Alison McKinstry, Jenny Lafever's Wine Straws and Keri Berry's Succulents!  We were thrilled to host this event with you all!

And a BIG Congratulations to our $1000 Portrait Session Gift Voucher to our new client Marla from Ladera Ranch!  We cannot wait to photograph you and your family!

We will be doing this again early next year!!!


Sony Announces the RX10IV (and it is an amazingly powerful camera for action!)

This morning Sony announced that little camera above, the Sony RX10IV and it is an amazing camera for a variety of reasons.

What's New?

This camera now fires 24 FPS for a substantial burst in it's fastest mode.  What this means is that you will be able to shoot action for a sustained period of time.

And, as Sony increased the frame rate of the camera, it also added Phase Detect AF.  This is the sophisticated and amazingly accurate Sony method of tracking action over a large portion of the size of the sensor.

It's also a SILENT camera at the 24 FPS speed (or any other for that matter) which makes it incredibly useful when shooting in delicate situations or when you just don't want people to know how many photographs you're shooting of your kid while batting!

These three features are the ones that I have been waiting for -- especially the addition of the tracking PDAF AF!  I had used the 3 previous versions of the camera and they were very good -- with the addition of this fast and accurate AF -- this makes the camera useful to me.  The camera covers nearly 65% of the sensor with 315 PDAF points.

What Else?

And while they've added these killer features, they've kept some of the other features like the super sharp 24-600 (35mm equivalent focal length) f2.4-f4 Zeiss zoom lens.

The camera is an all-in-one -- meaning the lens doesn't come off -- so this means that the sensor stays clean (helpful if you're overseas and you just can't clean the sensor)!

The zoom is motorized which also makes it superb for video, because the zooms are sure and steady.

The leaf shutter (mechanical shutter) is still present just like it was in the RX10III and this allows for synching flash at very high speeds.  How this helps a still shooter like me is that you don't have to push the flash into the High Speed Synch mode (which takes power from the flash and slows recycle) and instead lets you natively synch a flash at a speed above the normal 1/160th or 1/200th that you need for an APS-C or Full Frame camera.

Practically speaking it means that you can use a much smaller flash to achieve an effect of a much more powerful strobe -- and this can be helpful to lighten the load and to synch at speeds virtually impossible with a bigger sensor camera.

Who Is the Target Market for this Camera?

In the past I would have said that consumers, advanced amateurs and folks that are just wanting a better, longer reach than a point and shoot (and smartphone, of course) but don't want the hassle or expense of buying into an interchangeable lens system camera.

Those folks will still love this camera -- in fact they'll probably love it a whole lot more.

But this is a camera that I will add to the bag as a pro for both stills AND video.

Now it can really do the work of shooting action -- up until now, it was only a Contrast-based AF system and it just left me frustrated.  No more.  Not with this new camera.  

I joke that it's a "mini a9" because of how fast, accurate and silent it is.

Soccer Moms/Dads, Little League Parents, and folks with kids playing flag football, freshman and junior varsity football will especially  LOVE this camera because now they've got a lens that really reaches and allows you in to see faces.  

For folks going on a safari this camera will track the action much like it's bigger siblings the a6500 and the a9 and will do it at 24 FPS and silently!  Oh how I wish I had had this camera back in July when we were at a game park in South Africa!  It would've paired nicely with the a9 and the 6300 that I was using!

Sony though, in my opinion, has really opened this camera to pros and aspiring pros because of the feature upgrades.

For smaller newspapers, websites that require more than a smartphone and also want to shoot stills and video to a very high quality -- this camera can deliver.  

Pros who require fast and accurate AF will add this to their bag as a backup camera ( I have been using it alongside my a9 at sporting events -- primarily keeping the RX10IV on the very long end (600mm) to take advantage of the reach that I don't have on my FF).

As a great video camera it is surprisingly good -- headphone jack, microphone jack, the ability to click/de click the lenses -- these are all features that make it a videgraphers' dream little camera.  This could be a great B or C cam (or maybe an A cam for some videographers).

Sony has created a camera that will make birders, safari goers, sports parents, and now even more pros in stills and video world very happy because they've added so many meaningful and useful features to an already powerful line of cameras.

Sony RX10IV_02_Cowboy_DSC07799.jpg

“Steer Wrestling - RMV Rodeo”


Camera:  Sony RX10IV

Settings:  1/2500, f4, 400 ISO

Focal Length:  216mm (587mm equiv. In FF)

Lighting:  Natural Light


A cowboy wrestles a steer during the Rancho Viejo Rodeo in San Juan Capistrano in late August.

Using the RX10IV in AF-C and firing at 24 FPS, I was able to capture a sequence from the stands from a side angle at nearly 600 mm equivalent focal length!)




Thanks to the folks at Sony for giving me the opportunity to test this camera prior to launch!  It is a winner!